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Many engaged couples wonder if they should hire an Irish wedding videographer to capture their big day. We believe every couple needs a wedding video, and you think they're just as essential as the dress and champagne. At capture the Craic, we may be a bit biased because we are all about wedding videos & craic!

Cheap Irish wedding videos can be the best Irish wedding videos.

Invisible moments

On the day of the wedding, there are so many beautiful moments that couples cannot see. So, if you have a video to watch later, you will get an idea of ​​what happened while you were busy socializing, dancing or chatting to long lost cousins.

Introductory shots show the behind-the-scenes excitement that occurs when you're usually in different rooms next to you from the wedding. They spend most of the day getting ready and it's a fun time worth recording.

Just a few days later you can watching people dancing, hear funny conversations, observing those moments of joy or tears for you and your guests, you will have a digital artefact that you will treasure forever. With 2/3 cameras rolling, you won't miss a thing.

On your wedding day, friends and all family members will doubtlessly look charming and dazzling in their best clothes. You will be absolutely gorgeous, your cousin from Athlone will be teaching your sister to breakdance there is no time like this to record the memories.

Memories fade

After the wedding anniversary, your memories will fade. Your wedding video refreshes your memory so you can remember that wonderful day over and over again. Those break dancing memories will be as fresh as ever.

Family history

What a video can and cannot capture in a photo is audio. Listening to loved ones makes sense, especially when they are away with you. Many want the film to have a recording of their granny's voice, but it doesn't exist. You can make sure to film what you want.

Your video featuring everyone together at your wedding is the latest version of your family tree that you and future generations will appreciate and regard as an heirloom.

Anniversary celebration

Watching wedding videos every year on your wedding anniversary is part of the celebration. You'll be happy to see you tie a knot and think about how far you've been since becoming a couple.

No Regrets

Not being able to get a wedding video is one of the most common regrets that couples confess after marriage. The pain of lack of video footage can last for years, especially on wedding days. So why are couples not booking videos?

Budget and shooting shyness.

You want to feel comfortable on your big day, having a stranger wit a huge camera following you about isn't for everyone, replace the stranger with your best friends using our mini auto stabilized cameras and you will feel right at home. The video will capture the day exactly as it was with you relaxed being yourself having fun with your friends on the biggest day of your life.

While it would be great to have a massive budget unfortunately most couples have to carefully weigh their costs. In many cases, the video gets cut out- we are affordable and different! With us you get something bespoke, unique and cheaper? We wanted to make wedding videography accessible to everyone because we are all about about preserving special memories.

That's why we created Capture The Craic!

Our DIY wedding video business solves both problems. We send the easy to use 4k mini cameras and a tutorial on how to film your own wedding to the couple so your friends can film their wedding. Then we professionally edit the footage into a fun wedding video. Couples are more relaxed with friends documenting the day and the cost is significantly lower than a wedding videographer.

Do you know which of your friends might love to take on the task of videographer for your wedding? We bet you already have have the ideal people in mind!

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