The Best Wedding Videos Ever on YouTube - (Sadly No Irish Wedding Videographers on here yet...)

Updated: May 16

#1 with over 103 million views! Jill & Kevin's Wedding Entrance Dance Time magazine ranked their video at number 15 on its list of the fifty greatest ever videos on Youtube.

They certainly captured the craic at their wedding! Love it! They went on to use the video to raise money to try to help help prevent mass shootings in the US ...what lovely people.

#2 OUR WEDDING VIDEO!!! *Vows to 4 year old daughter*

48 million! An entirely different kettle of sandwiches here Cole and Savannah LaBrant's wedding video. Very lovely what a nice young man who looks like he could easily get an job on Home and Away or Neigbours with his nice blonde hair.

#3 BEST surprise father daughter wedding dance to epic song mashup 38 million views

Dad dancing at its best!

#4 Surprise wedding dance from Brothers & Sisters nearly 28 million views

Me - I hate the Backstreet Boys. -

My wife - Tell me why?

#5 almost 24million hits - best mans trousers keep falling down...need I say more

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