10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Budget. The Thrifty Bride

Updated: May 27

1. Digitize your invitations

Professionally printed wedding invitations are expensive. However, a completely free alternative is to send e-invitations and create your own wedding webpage.

A super eco-chummy solution that will save money.

The webpage will also be a fantastic place for guests to find vital information, such as directions, and is a perfect pace to post photos and comments after the event. If you search the Web, you will find many sites that offer cheap or even free options for creating your own website.

2. Buy even less flowers

Reduce the cost of wedding flowers by opting for a centerpiece that you can make yourself, such as a large candle surrounded by multicolored glass pebbles.

Or use a single flower in the center of each table. It can be impactful without sacrificing the earth.

4. Choose a DIY wedding video service

Don't want an expensive slightly cheesy montage to look back on? Prefer saving some genuine memories from your wedding day? Save a fortune on the Traditional wedding videographer and get something more personal. Businesses like and send you the cameras your friends have fun filming the real wedding they then professionally edit. Its a win win. You get a genuine personal artefact to keep forever AND save money.

5. Guests as photographers

Paying a professional photographer to capture your wedding day in its entirety can sink your budget.

So why not move key ‘photo' events (such as cake cutting/ bouquet tossing) forward – and send the photographer off home early?

Then later on ask guests to take pictures themselves with their cameras or phones and email them to you or post them on your website, or on Social media or a Google Folder . You’ll have hundreds of decent snaps to choose from and you could even set a fun prize for the best shot of the day!

5. Eat your cake-don't let it go to waste!

Save money on food by serving it as a dessert instead of sprinkling the wedding cake separately.

Nowadays you don't have to spend a fortune on crazy expensive wedding cakes. You can buy a traditional three tier version in supermarkets very cheaply. Better yet, get a talented friend or relative to cook it for you in leu of a gift. Win Win!

6. The Free bar

If you're running a completely free bar, you might end up paying a price. Especially since some folk tend to fill their boots if someone else is paying for a drink.

A good way to control the drinks tab is to pay for beer, vino, and fizzy drinks. But don't pay for hard liquor-(everyone will thank you for it the next day) . For pre-meal drinks, serving Pims & lemonade instead of champagne is a fun, generous but much more economical option.

7. Hire amateur (but good!) musicians

Musicians or bands can add a real touch to a wedding reception. But you don't have to pay through the nose for a big name.

A better way to find the group you want is to see some talented people play at your local pub and talk to them about how much they charge you for a session.

An even better option is to see if any local schools or music colleges have talented students who could provide musical accompaniment for a fraction of the price.

8. Book a DJ

Hiring a Disc Jockey rather than a live band can slim down your entertainment budget.

Get the DJ to come in just for the wedding disco and not for the pre-dinner drinks, when a playlist played via a laptop or mobile phone works just as well. You can also ask your guests to make a request in advance on your webpage!.

9. Wedding dresses

Whether you've decided on a designer wedding dress or are simply looking for a dress to wear again, there are plenty of ways to keep your expenses within reason.

Some store chains offer delightful wedding dresses that don't cost too much, and you can also find economical ready to wear on great websites like

Meanwhile, frugal brides-to-be with a designer's dream can visit charity shops that specialize in bridal gowns that have only been worn the once. Also check out, a super website that sells a huge variety of dresses. you can find real bargains here.

10. Consider paying on your credit card

Using a card allows you to pay for everything from the venue to buying clothes and extra protection that you may not get if you do not pay with cash or a debit card.

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