How to Film Your Wedding Video Yourself Using A Phone

Do you want to have a video keepsake of your wedding but don’t necessarily want to spend more money doing so? Well, fret not as here are some easy ways you can film your wedding video without it looking like an amateur did. If you follow all of these tips then your DIY wedding video will surely exceed even your own expectations.

● Use The Right Pixel Resolution: 1080P

I’ve seen many DIY wedding videos and this is the one step that only a few ever get right. If you’re editing it yourself, don’t use the 4k resolution! Too high of a resolution will make editing all of your videos together too heavy for your computer. Unless you have a pc capable of handling heavy workloads, don’t use the highest pixel setting and stick to 1080P.


If you want to take your DIY wedding video a step further, access services similar to what Capture the Craic offers. Capture the Craic allows you to borrow 4k-cameras to record your wedding yourself, and they’ll be the ones in charge of editing it after!

● Keep It Steady

Use tripods! Professional videographers would never send you a shaky video. So don’t make yours shaky. Nothing is more irritating than watching videos move all over the place, especially during intimate moments.

● Film Horizontally

You might be tempted to film your video vertically because of popular apps like TikTok and IG nowadays but believe me, your wedding video should be recorded horizontally. If you’re planning to include special and candid moments like the bridal shower, then make sure you keep this in mind when capturing fun moments. Make sure to tilt your phone now and then as you record so your clips can match your final wedding video.

● Ask Relatives and Friends For Help

Let’s keep it honest. It’s impossible to film your wedding yourself on the big day. Unless you want to take your vows holding a selfie-stick or wearing go-pros, more than likely, you’ll need someone else to film for you. Ask some of your friends and family in advance to help you film on your big day. Do this a month in advance so all of you can prepare. Watch Youtube videos together to see tips on recording decent videos.

● Have Several People Film You

Videographers usually have more than one person in charge of filming important events such as weddings. So, you should have more than one person filming you too! Accidents can happen and some phones have awful battery lives. You don’t want to have your wedding go unrecorded just because your friend’s phone has to be charged, don’t you?

● Have It Edited By a Professional

Professionals are professionals for a reason. Even mediocre videos can be edited into a videography masterpiece if done by the right person. If you hire a professional to edit your video, you can even record your clips in 4k if you want to. Their computers are made to do heavy editing so it won’t be a problem for them. can do this for you at a very reasonable price just contact us

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