Capturing the Craic at an Irish Wedding

Updated: May 25

The hit Irish TV show 'Republic of Comedy' captured the nations attention yet again with their spot on take on the events that have taken place at "every Irish wedding ever".

Everyone who has attended an Irish wedding know the score. From mad priests to pushy photographers they've done it all in just 3 mins.

Irish weddings are a joyous festival of food, music and alcohol, which often included shocking speeches, good natured heckling of the bride and groom, and bizarre on often awkward performances of the national anthem.

These are all clichéd events that take place at Irish weddings, but most of us have experienced at least one of them first hand.

Ever been stuck at the 'weirdo table'? The bride's stress before the wedding, the kitchen order for 400 'well done' steaks, the grumbles of the guests that the bride's father did not arrange for an open bar.

Often much of this wedding craic gets missed by the videographer as they have a strict focus and don't know the guests...that's where Capture the Craic come in, the friends do the filming resulting in a cringe free original take that the bride and groom can keep forever. You can even choose your own music and make special requests. Its a refreshing new way to capture your big day (all in 4k). Why not give it a go from the crazy low price of just 199 Euro.

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