6 Reasons Why You Should Film Your Own Wedding In Ireland

Updated: May 16

Are you still thinking twice about hiring a videographer for your wedding? Stop worrying, and just go for it! Wedding videos last forever and guess what, you don't even need to hire a videographer to record your big day. Here are 6 reasons

why you should film your wedding. Watch out for the last reason as it will surprise you.

Relive the moment

No matter how much you try to remember everything during your wedding, you just won't. As years go by, your memory will start to fade and you'll start to forget even the most precious moments and emotions. By shooting your wedding, you'll have the opportunity to experience your special day over and again, with accuracy. You won't have to worry about forgetting your wedding vows ever.

See the moments you have missed

From how your enthusiastic friends will watch you walk the aisle, to your parents' emotional eyes during your vows. Wedding videos can capture candid, genuine moments that you won't even know existed. Never miss these little precious things! Make it possible for you to look back at your wedding to its full extent by having it videoed by your friends and family.

Your children can witness the start of your family

What's more exciting than hearing your parents tell you how their love stories started, right? Let your children experience your intimate wedding themselves by giving them your wedding video as a keepsake. Trust me, you'll have a fun quality time with your little ones watching your (affordable) wedding video. You can also introduce them to some friends or distant relatives in the film that they haven't met yet.

Share the moment with those who missed it

It's not always possible to have everyone you love at your wedding venue. But with a video recording of the event, those who missed your event can still celebrate with you. They'll be a little late for the celebration, but hey, that's better than not experiencing it at all!

You won’t have any regrets

How many people do you know barely even remember their wedding after just a couple of years, often I can barely remember where I left the car ? Many people regret not having their wedding video recorded, it can prove very useful evidence at trial (joke). Point is, your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. Don't trust your memory will keep it forever, do something to make it timeless!

You don't have to hire a professional videographer

Did you know that you can film your wedding yourself? There are many ways to do this and one way is to get access to services that let you borrow some high-quality cameras for your special day. Businesses like Capture the Craic offer exactly this type of service. You record your special day using their 4K cameras and they edit the video for you! How convenient is that?

Also, you can just use your regular phones! To know more about how to record your wedding yourself, visit this blog: How to Film Your Wedding Video Yourself Using A Phone.

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